Wealth Building Strategies You Won’t Hear From Your Financial Planner Part 3

When you are in your power—connected and flowing with who you really are, meaning all that you really are (all that potential you either know you have or once suspected you have) your primary desire in life is to fully experience the expansive sense of freedom and joy that comes when you have the opportunity to be creative and to express that creativity in the world.

Artists are the obvious example of this but so are people who build businesses as are people who simply enjoy creating more money with money. Is it any coincidence painters as well as investors are into expanding their portfolio? People who are in their power are able to translate their life force into some form of expression which results in more expression, more growth and more appreciation.

Focusing only on the money is such a limited intention it practically sets you up for failure in one form or another. If however, you choose to be the fullest expression of all that you are and all that you were born to be, then abundance which is an inherent part of your natural state of being will feel like a bonus. It’s inevitable.

The truth is you cannot be fully in your power and still lacking anything! When you feel connected and flowing, you feel like anything is possible and because expectations ultimately create reality, you are able to create amazing results in spite of external circumstances.

Knowing this truth is the ultimate form of security because it makes you independent of the so-called experts’ opinions and even the limitations they promote.

Review your life. Wherever you find lack and limitation, you can be sure this is an area where you are not being powerful. For some reason, you have unconsciously chosen to limit yourself.

If you have chosen the experience of lack and limitation over the more expansive, freeing experience of “more than enough,” there is usually only one reason why.

The only reason for not allowing more good, more power in your life, be it in the form of money, love or greater self expression, is fear—fear of the unknown, fear of what is less than familiar. It’s time to get familiar with the truth.

Commit to educating yourself to fully understanding how powerful you are in creating your outer circumstances. The more deeply you understand this, the easier permanent prosperity becomes.

When you become truly passionate about your purpose and that purpose may be having the financial freedom to be as creative as you feel like, however you feel like, you will find the courage to move forward with increased grace and ease and playfulness.

Wealth building isn’t really meant to be a struggle but an ends to a means and once you have all that you’ll realize what a “non-issue” money really is. Meanwhile don’t let the headlines get you down. Create your own!