From Credit to Cash Flow – Passive Income Strategy

It Takes Money to Make Money? Ever heard that before? Are you at the point where you know there are ways to make real passive income, that other people are somehow doing it, but you just never have enough money to get started? Have you given up trying to climb out of the poor financial condition you are in?

This may at first seem unusual, but you may seriously want to consider this strategy: borrow unsecured cash to get your passive income funds started. We’re not suggesting you borrow cash and spend the money on depreciating assets (cars, vacations, luxury items, etc.) What we are suggesting is to borrow unsecured cash to create substantial income, much more income than the cost of borrowing the funds.

Keep in mind: everyone needs adequate business capital to start any successful business. Then, they use that money to make more than the cost of borrowing that money. This is how most financial institutions make money. For example, you may receive 3% interest a year on your bank savings account, but when the bank lends it back to you, they may charge you up to 15% interest a year.

Sound familiar? It’s called unsecured financial leverage and it’s what the Banks and Corporations have conceptually been doing for years, except ………..YOU have been the one PAYING the fees to THEM and THEY have been keeping the PROFITS!!

How Can You Get Unsecured Cash for Passive Income?

You can get Unsecured Cash for You and/or your Business with your Good Credit! (And, if you don’t currently have the good credit or a 720 FICO or better, you can use a credit restoration service to restore your credit and then acquire the cash for your passive income!)

1. Unsecured Personal Cash. If you have a 720 Plus FICO score, using proprietary methods, you can utilize a service that will work with 5-10 lenders to get you the maximum amount possible, usually between $10,000 to $100,000. (If you don’t have a 720+ FICO score, please see the Credit Repair Service under the Products Tab on the main menu.)

2. Unsecured Business Cash. An established corporation can usually receive much higher amounts of unsecured credit than an individual if the corporation is in compliance and has a Paydex Score of 80 plus. Because of this, the means to own an established business with a good credit track record is extremely valuable. The means to acquire such a business takes time and has costs, though it is cheaper than you’d think and can be funded by credit that we can get for you beforehand.

Acquiring Unsecured Cash will ONLY be effective if you create Significant Monthly Passive Income with the Cash.

Our primary objective at Passive Income Opportunities is to locate Financial Services that generate 8% or More Monthly. If your interest charges cost you a maximum of 1% – 1.5 % a month, that’s at least a minimum of a 6.5% net monthly earnings to pocket or let grow and compound in your funds.

Can you see what a significant difference this Passive Income Strategy will make in your Financial Future?

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