SunTrust Bank Ratings – The Pros and Cons of SunTrust Bank

“SunTrust Bank Ratings” are few and far between because it’s small size keeps it off the national radar. It’s located in 12 states in the southeastern part of the US, and has 1700 roughly branches.

So how do they stack up with their competition? Here is a thorough and UNBIASED look at this company.


#1) Friendly service

It’s relatively tiny size gives it more of a “small town” feel to it. You can expect some good southern hospitality from most branches.

The vast majority of people who’ve dealt with them affirm that they’ve been treated very well. Obviously this depends on the branch you go to, but by and large their customer service is quite a bit above average.

#2) Mortgage and loan Interest rates

Suntrust has extremely reasonable rates when compared with their competitors-especially for current customers.

#3) Many locations

If you live down south, you won’t have trouble getting to your branch… they are very well represented.

#4) Low cost

The fees for all their services are quite reasonable-they won’t “nickel and dime” you to death,.

But these “SunTrust Bank Ratings” wouldn’t be complete with just the positives. On the flip side here are the…


#1) Low checking and savings interest rates

While they do have low mortgage and loan interest rates, unfortunately this also carries over to their checking and savings accounts.

#2) Low quality tracking system

They tend to have an inordinate amount of problems making simple transactions because of their poor tracking system.

#3) Complicated phone system

It can take ages to get you to the right person if you call them up. I’d strongly recommend you restrict yourself to “face to face” contact when dealing with this them.