Perks of Living in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Florida is blessed with a warm friendly climate and the city of Fort Lauderdale gets an ample 3,000 hours (about 4 months) of sunshine per year. With over 180,000 residents, the city has become a favorite tourist destination for entertainment, golf and shopping.

For those who call Fort Lauderdale their home, they have easy access to nice beaches under a warm summery weather almost all year long. There are plenty of communities too that feature unique relaxed laidback lifestyles which are ideal for people who want to take it slow amidst the city the welcomes cultural diversities.

Pleasant weather all year round. Fort Lauderdale offers consistently friendly weather with an average 75⁰F in temperature for the entire year. During summer it tends to be a bit hot and humid but winter months here are pleasantly warm. Residents are enjoying more than 325 days of warm sunshine which makes the city a good place to live in terms of good weather.

Affordable city living. Fort Lauderdale offers affordable living and is considered as one of the most budget-friendly coastal cities in Florida. Housing and living costs in this city are less expensive as compared with Miami. With various neighborhoods, anyone who plans to relocate here will find a housing option according to one’s budget. One of the best perks in living in Florida is that there is no state income tax, thus moving to Fort Lauderdale offers affordability with overall big savings on expenses. Someone who is making an average income of $80,000 per year can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with less cost of health care, food and groceries.

Incredible beaches. What’s amazing about living in Fort Lauderdale is the accessibility to the best beaches with almost all neighborhoods just 30 minutes away. Surrounded by 23 miles of glistening sand on its beaches, Fort Lauderdale features an expansive 300 miles of waterways accessible by boat all year round thus it rightfully earns the nickname “America’s Venice”. These water features are beautifully integrated within the city which makes it a great place for vacation or to stay for good.

Great employment and business opportunities.

With the increasing job market, employment opportunities in Fort Lauderdale are very promising. Experts predicted that there will be almost 38% increase in job growth in the next ten years thus unemployment rate is low in this city. The local economy is mostly fueled by the tourism sector with jobs that will appeal to various qualifications, skills and interests.

Fort Lauderdale is said to be one of the most attractive business locations in the world for an inviting quality of life, a large pool of skilled professionals, and having a competitive tax climate in America. More than 40% of businesses in the city support international commerce and tourism stays strong. When looking for commercial real estate within the city, Fort Lauderdale CRE Brokers can help find the best options and strategic locations.

Getting around the city is easy.

Fort Lauderdale is a compact city meaning most errands can be done by walking with less need of driving. Depending on the neighborhood, almost everything that residents’ needs are within a five-mile radius. Walking is a way of life here, but public transportation is also available making commuting much manageable without putting mileage on vehicles.

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